Brunch Direct: Phone Campaigns

Brunch Direct works with a range of wineries around the country developing and executing phone sales campaigns to ensure the best possible return on investment in the DTC channel.

We acquired Vinomofo’s DTC sales team, VinoDirect earlier this year (you can read about it here), and have gone from strength to strength as an independent player in this market.

Brunch Direct offers outbound phone sales campaigns that are not solely focused on sales, and incorporate our exceptional customer service and passion for premium wine inline with the experience of your cellar door.

Our team of brokers are highly trained in sales logistics, wine knowledge (many WSET accredited), and will be the perfect ambassadors for your brand. Once a customer is sold to they retain the same broker for each campaign moving forward.

We are passionate about data, and believe the more information you can have about your customers, the better you can curate the perfect offers for them.

We offer transparent and insightful reports and are flexible in obtaining any specific data requests you may have.

A few of our winery partners:

Arise Health logoThe Paak logoOE logo2020INC logoEphicient logo
Arise Health logoThe Paak logoOE logo2020INC logoEphicient logo

Winery Portal:

Brunch Direct offers our winery partners a fully interactive and live web portal to ensure you remain completely up to date with all current and historical campaigns at all times.

The Winery Portal allows our clients to access a variety of live information, including:

Sales by Customer
Sales by Product
Daily Call Rates & Revenue
Stock Control
Orders For Despatch

Your database will be run through the ‘Do Not Call’ register prior to each campaign to ensure we aren’t calling anyone that we shouldn’t.

Unique Dial Out Number
Each winery partner receives their own unique callout number which remains remains live so your customers can save it in their phones and recognise it when we call them.If a customer calls back outside of our campaign dates we forward the information directly to you so the customer receives a smooth and professional sales experience.

Hand-dialling is an essential part of our approach as we place great emphasis on building meaningful relationships with the your customers. We believe that allowing our team to familiarise themselves with as much information about who they call before calling is crucial to the success of these campaigns. We do not use predictive diallers or auto-diallers, and all calls are hand-dialled, ensuring a personalised and engaging interaction with each customer.

We have implemented endpoint security measures with restrictive access to safeguard sensitive information and maintain a secure working environment. Our commitment to data protection and privacy is unwavering, and these security measures play a crucial role in maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of our operations.

Want to reach out?
Charlotte Cels
0466 816 739

Hugh Sulway
0408 492 225