Mount Avoca

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As Australia's most highly awarded organic winery, Mount Avoca knows a thing or two about crafting high-quality wines as naturally as possible. They've been operating out of Victoria's Pyrenees region for 50-odd years now, flying the flag for both the region and sustainable viticulture's a whole.

Project objectives

Our objective was simple: increase online sales and conversion rates, drive more traffic to the website and acquire new customers.

Our solution

Acquisition, retargeting and conversion – that's what our work for Mount Avoca was all about. We used a full-funnel strategy to deliver the right message throughout the customer journey, taking them from point A to B as seamlessly as possible. To do this, we were constantly testing the Facebook algorithm in order to find the best-performing creative and ad set combination. We were able to reach an entirely new audience of potential customers through granular targeting, who were then retargeted at the bottom of the funnel.

The results

And before you ask: yes, we triple-checked these numbers:

Mount Avoca
Mount Avoca